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Congratulations on continuing your STEM learning journey!  

Please Note the following Terms and Conditions - Updated on May 30, 2021

  • Important notice regarding COVID-19:

  • Workshops are limited to small groups or individual work stations depending on the class. All LA Department of Health COVID-19 safety guidelines are in place including social distancing, face coverings, daily temperature checks and hand washing stations. All staff members are fully vaccinated and there is no admittance for any individual with any visible signs of illness.

  • Please note any interaction with the general public poses an elevated risk of being exposed to COVID-19 and we cannot guarantee that you will not be exposed while in attendance at any public event. SoLA Robotics and affiliates, staff and officers require all participants to follow our safety policies, and we encourage all families to abide by local laws and restrictions. 

  • There is no admittance with any visible signs of illness.  If there is another wave or guidance for closure from LA Department of Health, classes will be canceled. When you sign up, you assume full responsibility for the health and safety of your student while attending SoLA Robotics.  You are refusing your right to take legal action against SoLA Robotics or any of its partners or staff. Staff members, students and families are expected to hold the highest regard for safety in every way reasonably possible.

  • Updated on May 9, 2021


  • Classes may be recorded for training purposes and future use. Contact us at info@southlarobotics.ORG about turning your video feature off for online classes or declining photos/video in general.

  • We do not issue refunds for missed classes. Make-up sessions may be unavailable and are not guaranteed. Our staff will try to accommodate make-up sessions when possible.

  • Refunds for Classes and Workshops must be requested via email at least 7 calendar days BEFORE the first class begins. 

  • We do not issue refunds for coaching or instruction.

  • Robot fees, Project Pack fees and shipping/handling costs are non-refundable.

  • We only ship to Continental U.S. at this time.

  • LIVE Classes are taught in Pacific Standard Time.

  • I understand that my student may be videotaped, audiotaped, interviewed, and/or photographed and agree to allow SoLA Robotics to keep, as SoLA Robotics property, the products of such videotaping, audiotaping, interviewing, and/or photographing and I agree that such material may be used, and posted on the SoLA Robotics website, for promoting the SoLA Robotics program and in any publicity generated by SoLA Robotics.

  • I also understand that my child may be asked to do or participate in projects that may also be used by SoLA Robotics for publication in a variety of forums newsletter, website, and other publications, and that no compensation will be paid for such use.

  • I understand that participating in SoLA Robotics allows my child no special rights or expectations regarding SoLA Robotics, including the right to sue any party involved in the implementation and execution of the SoLA Robotics programs. I agree to hold harmless SoLA Robotics, their agents and employees from all claims, damages, losses, injuries and expenses arising out of or resulting from participation in these activities. I further agree not to sue SoLA Robotics, their agents and employees for any actions or causes of action, including the negligence of SoLA Robotics arising out of participation in this program.

  • **IMPORTANT** - Some robot kit pieces are hazardous for children under 3 years old. You are responsible for reading the warning labels on your equipment and ensuring safe usage.

  • You will receive periodic emails regarding class information and upcoming events.

  • Terms and conditions are subject to change. By signing up for services, you agree to the Terms and Conditions.


Thank you for supporting SoLA Robotics.

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