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The Founder

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SoLA Robotics Executive Director, Jennifer Lashley, is a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) with a Master’s Degree in Education from UCLA and 22 years of educational service. She is a recipient of the Hero in Education Award, presented by LAUSD Board of Education District 7, for her work in STEM. After serving as a STEM Coordinator for LAUSD, Jennifer founded SoLA Robotics to provide high quality STEM instruction to students who did not have easy access. Today, SoLA Robotics works to expand STEAM curriculum and robotics teams throughout Los Angeles. Since 2019, SoLA Robotics has trained over 1000 students and educators in coding and robotics workshops, and coached robotics teams for competitions locally and abroad. 

The Team

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The SoLA Robotics instructional team brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our community. We work together to continue to learn from one another and enrich the students’ workshop experiences. Our team members have a broad variety of accomplishments including: pursuing degrees in STEM, Robotics certifications, proficiency in a variety of coding languages and more. Our team ranges from college freshmen to PhD candidates who all have something in common: We are all passionate about pursuing the SoLA Robotics mission. Check out our classes and get to know us.

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