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SoLA Youth Showdown 2024

2024 SYS Game: The MACHINE

Welcome to 2024 SYS Game, "The Machine".  Students will program the robot to complete the task at a selected map destination. Teams get three minutes per round. Teams will compete for up to four rounds. The teams with the highest cumulative scores will be determined as the winners. Participants can also win prizes selected by our interviewers and quiz bowl results.

Showdown Teams

This year's Showdown Teams will  have 3 divisions: Elementary, Middle and High School. Teams can be comprised of  2 - 5 teammates. We are excited to welcome youth competitors from 13 schools and community organizations in 2024.

Competition Arena

The  SYS competition arena has multiple 4ft x 6ft competition platforms with themed robotics challenges. Teams must complete as many challenges as possible within 3 minutes. Points accumulate as teams compete during multiple rounds.