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Our Classes 

We're South LA's premier community-based, year-round, competitive robotics club. We aim to give your child the tools and confidence to delve into coding and robotics, and perhaps one day, pursue a career in STEM.


At SoLA Robotics, collaboration with community organizations is a priority. Check out our community-based classes below!

WORKSHOPS - One-time educational experience, providing exposure to a STEM subject

CLASSES - A series of interactive robotics class sessions with a culminating project or showcase

BOOTH/SHOW DAY - Informative station(s) highlighting robotics class activities

ONLINE CLASSES - Live instruction in virtual robotics and coding

ROBOTICS TEAMS - 3 to 6 month instruction in competitive robotics, opportunity for competition

What We Offer

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Crenshaw YMCA Workshops

SoLA Robotics Teams

2023 Showdown Teams

2022-2023 Season Teams

2020-2021 Season Teams

2021-2022 Season Teams

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2019-2020 Season Teams

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