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Wondering why STEAM and Robotics education is so important?


Here are a few good reasons...


  • Nearly every activity in our daily lives supported by Science, Tech, Engineering, Art & Math.

  • This includes using the internet, GPS, cell phones, banking, driving a vehicle, making purchases, health care, transportation and more.  Our lives are dependent on systems developed by people in STEAM-related careers.

  • So naturally, STEAM-related careers are on the rise.

  • Yet there are many students who don't have access to coding instruction, website and APP development and robotics education.  ​​

Need a few more reasons?

  • Do the children in your life have adequate access to quality STEAM instruction?  Are they learning the Engineering Design Process, coding concepts, app and website development, or how to use innovative concepts to solve community problems?

  • It is imperative that all young people have access to this knowledge.  If you are experiencing a lack of access, consider joining our programs.

  • It is the mission of South LA Robotics to provide knowledge and access to tech skills to as many students as possible. Join our effort and let's get these tech skills to your children today.

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