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SoLA Robotics Teams

Welcome to the 2022-2023 Season

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Thank you for your interest in Competitive Team Coaching. The application period for the next season will open in Fall 2023. You can stay updated on our team's progress and receive notifications when enrollment opens by joining our email list and following our social media pages.

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SoLA Robotics VEX IQ Teams 2021-2022 season

SoLA Robotics VEX IQ Teams 2020-2021 season

SoLA Robotics VEX IQ Teams 2019-2020 season

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  • What is the coaching schedule?
    • Robotics Team Coaching runs from October through February (April for SYS).
    • Smaller competitions are also available throughout the year, hosted by SoLA Robotics.
  • Can I join a SoLA Robotics Team? 
    • Student applications will open in fall 2023. You can receive up-to-date information including enrollment and event dates by joining our email list and following our social media pages.​
  • What do students learn ?
    • Build and program robotics to understand the basics of robotic machinery and electronic parts.

    • Connect various electronic modules and structural parts to extend the structures and functions of the robot.

    • Virtual programming sequences for VEX IQ and VEX V5 (VEX VR and VEX Blocks).

    • Learn to build and program the selected robot for the current season. Train for competition using official game platforms/arenas.

  • What extras are included with SoLAR Teams?

    • Complete quizzes, conduct game research and complete robotics coursework

    • Strategize and plan simulations for the upcoming competitive season games

    • Learn team dynamics, take leadership roles and improve communication skills

  • What ages does this program serve?

    • Ages 9-18 (4th-12th Grades) for Elementary, Middle and High School Teams, depending on the game and season.

  • Do you have protocols in place for COVID-19 safety measures.

    • Yes. Our facility follows guidelines set forth by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. 

  • ​What is your contact info?
  • How can I support SoLA Robotics?

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